Why isn’t Zyft appearing on my web browser automatically?

First, ensure Zyft is enabled and has permission on your web browser to find you great prices in unexpected places. Once enabled, Zyft will show you available pricing for the items you're searching for across approx. 35,000 retailers. 

If you do not see Zyft appearing on your browser when shopping, you can enable by completing the following:

1. Go to Settings
2. Choose Safari
3. Tap on Extensions
4. Enable Zyft by toggling the button on
5. Then select the “Permissions for Zyft” below and choose “Allow”

Once you’ve selected “Allow”, Zyft will go shopping with you - Ensuring you never miss a great deal again.

Occasionally Zyft won't appear on a selected product to show you other competitive pricing available for the items you're searching for. This is due to the nature of Zyft's AI - which is always learning and always searching to find you great deals. 

On the off chance this happens, don't feel shy to suggest the website to Zyft. The more websites Zyft has to search, the more savings you'll be able to access across thousands of your favourite Australian online retailers. 

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