Why isn't Zyft automatically appearing on my Safari browser?

If Zyft does not appear on your browser when shopping, check that Zyft is enabled for Safari by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings

2. Choose Safari

3. Tap on Extensions

4. Enable Zyft by toggling the button on

5. Select the “Permissions for Zyft” below and choose “Allow”

Once you’ve selected “Allow”, Zyft will go shopping with you - helping you compare, shop, and save!

Occasionally Zyft won't appear when you click on a product. This is due to the nature of Zyft's AI - which is always learning and always searching to find you great deals. There could be a couple of reasons why Zyft doesn't pop out. The product may be unique and only available through a single supplier, or it might be because Zyft has not discovered or approved that website yet (in this case, thanks for helping us find a new store!), or the website might not sell products in Australia.

If Zyft doesn't appear, we're keen to hear from you. You can click on the "suggest retailer" button in the pop-out and our team will leap nimbly like our little red squirrel and check it out. The more websites Zyft has to search, the more savings you can access across thousands of Australian online retailers.

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