What is Zyft?

Zyft is a free AI browser extension that searches millions of products from nearly 50,000 Australian Zyft-approved retailers, comparing prices and showing stock levels for the products you search for every day online. Zyft displays this information in ONE place, compiling the retailers, prices, and stock levels in an easy-to-read format. Sounds incredible right? We think so!

Zyft literally goes shopping with you whenever you visit an online retailer. Never again will you have to open multiple websites to find a great deal and compare prices - Zyft does the work for you. Too easy!

Whilst Zyft aims to provide the most current product pricing and stock availability, Zyft does not guarantee that all websites will be compared, or lowest pricing will be displayed at any given time, or stock availability is accurate.

Zift, Sift, Syft, Zytf, Ztyf

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