What other features does Zyft Extension have?

When you shop online on your desktop, the Zyft panel pops out showing a list of Zyft-approved retailers that stock that product. Where Zyft has information from the retailer, Zyft shows the current price and whether that item is in stock. But Zyft can do so much more, so let’s explore some of the features and functionality of your new shopping assistant!

If you're shopping on Safari mobile, the Zyft icon will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. To see the full Zyft panel, simply tap on the "Z" icon.

Best Matches - This tab lists products that most closely match the one you clicked on when shopping. The list is sorted by lowest to highest price by default.

Price range - The price range from Zyft-approved retailers is shown at the top of the Zyft panel, so you can get excited about the potential savings!

Share - Found an amazing deal you just have to share? Hit the Share button to spread the love!

Similar Products - This tab is a great place to look for savings - for example, if you don't have a colour preference for your item and you're just looking for the cheapest option, then check out the Similar Products list. Some colours aren't as popular so they go on sale!

Stock Levels - You'll find In Stock or Out Of Stock under the product details. Occasionally, we can't get this information from a retailer so stock level may be missing.

Real-time price status - Check how current the price is by looking under the listed price on the Zyft panel. Updated Now means this is as current as it gets. Updating Price indicates that Zyft is in the process of getting the latest price. Queued means - well, literally waiting, hold on a second! Occasionally you'll see Updated 3+hrs which means we were unable to get an updated price from that website.

Filter options - To sort the results by price or stock level, click on the filter button next to the Similar Products tab.

Trending price - To see the price trend at a specific retailer on the results list for your selected product, click on the "Trend" button to see the price history (where available).

Pick a side - Prefer Zyft to pop out on the other side of your desktop screen? Click on the small box with an arrow in the top right, and hey presto! The Zyft panel magically moves to the other side of your screen.

X marks the spot - Ok, so it's not treasure, but you can close the Zyft panel whenever you like by click on the X in the top right. To re-open the panel, click on the Z icon.

Feedback - Feeling chatty and want to share some feedback? We're keen to listen so please click on the chat icon on the bottom left of the panel to share your thoughts.

Zyft has other functionality as well - see Related Articles in the FAQs to learn more about Zyft's SnapSearch function.

We have more features coming so keep an eye out!

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