Zyft Hot Tips

Zyft can supercharge your shopping online, but did you know you can even use Zyft in-store to grab yourself a deal by using the Zyft Browser Extension, or ZyftZap, our barcode scanning feature. Either way, you can check prices at other retailers before you buy.

Before heading out for retail therapy, make sure Zyft is installed on your iPhone or iOS mobile device.

When you're shopping in-store and just need/want that item, simply search on your iPhone to instantly compare prices from across other retailers using Zyft. Ask the store to price-match the product so you can maximise your savings!

Come to think of it, this can work when you're at home as well - make a quick call if you find a better price and ask for a price match over the phone. You might be surprised how many retailers will price-match an item if they can verify the cheaper price elsewhere! Just another way that Zyft helps you compare, shop, and save!

ZyftZap allows you to scan a product's barcode wherever you are and shows you price comparisons for that product. It's currently available via www.zyft.com/zap and can be used on any mobile device, including Androids.

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