How will I know if Zyft works on my favourite online shopping sites?

After downloading the Zyft extension, you'll see Zyft's "Z" icon next to your web browser toolbar. As you shop and search for products online, Zyft will appear on the left-hand side of your screen of your desktop - showing you available pricing and stock availabilities across approx. 35,000 retailers. 

When you're shopping on your mobile device, Zyft will appear at the bottom of your web browser.

Never again navigate through countless websites trying to find the best deal possible!

Occasionally, Zyft won't appear when you're shopping and show you other competitive pricing available for the items you're searching for. This is due to the nature of Zyft's AI - which is always learning and always hunting to provide you with savings. If this occurs, don't feel shy to suggest the website to Zyft. The more websites Zyft has to search, the more savings you'll be able to access across thousands of your favourite sites.

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